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When I think about leading the race of the Christian life, it helps me to consider the history around me. Sometimes I study at an antique desk. The ending cracked. The corners are rounded. The chair creaks. Some people tell me to get a new table that doesn’t look so old and outdated, but you know other preachers have used this table – many very good preachers. And studying at that table leads me to consider those who were before me. This is something we are told in Hebrews twelve and one (12: 1) where the writer mentions a “cloud of witnesses,” who were people who were severely persecuted for the gospel. They beat them, stoned them and cut them in two for their faith. They were the people who finished the race and passionately shared the Gospel to the very end. Let me encourage you today: think of these heroes from the past who ran and won. And we can do it! Knowing that it can help us end up strong. For more information and encouragement, visit share life dot today.

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