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Another epidemic is raging through our fair country. In addition to COVID-19 and its variants, there is a highly contagious type of alternative communication that goes deep into our Christian subculture.

Here are just a few examples:

Some heads of ministries not only resign, but also

“Step into a significant remodeling season.”

Indeed, marching in summer, winter, spring, autumn, probably global climate change has intensified the “significant” season, not just the normal season. I remember (from reading, not from personal experience) the year without summer, 1816. It was a significant season. People who resign from the ministry are a normal routine.

And, when explaining significant remodeling season in which they are located stepping, the reason is stated,

“In to embrace the time and space we need to allow ourselves to be deeply formed by all that for which we are humiliated and destroyed. “

You can bet. Einstein, get that iPhone 12 Pro and church phone seat. Some clarification of your time-space continuum may be needed. Only church and gumite types will be so brave! to encompass space. Can the SBC PhD type write a dissertation on how he accepts space and time. Group without hugs at this point in time space.

It was enough for Jeremiah to proclaim the Word of the Almighty, to just “shape” us in the womb. We must now be not only “formed” and “transformed” but “deeply shaped”.

Following the pattern, “I was saved!” turns into “I got a season of deep, meaningful, transformative, humble devastating encounters.”

Some high school type of marmalade, please comment on the “wreck”.

I guess important people need to sound important, convey adverbial zeal, confuse and reverse sentence diagrams. Is it more spiritual if you dress him up and apply clown makeup on him? Not for me.

I resigned in three churches. I said, “I’m resigning.”

I made a mistake several times in the service and said, “I made a mistake. I apologize.”

I gained valuable experience and stated, “I learned something through this.”

But I don’t have any of these “seasonal” things or “hugs”.

Just speak openly … but it’s okay to insert a six-syllable word for your two-letter church … if they know you love them.


Get vaccinated against this so that people will understand you or at least wear a mask so that no one will understand you.

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