What to look out for ~ September 2021

What to look out for ~ September 2021

WME is involved in many ministries and welcomes
your prayers for these upcoming events.

Thursday Facebook Live – Time of Prayer ~
8 hours (eastern time)

September 2, 9, 16, 23 and 30, 2021

Join us for morning prayer every Thursday on Facebook live.

Led by Kim Reisman, this short time of guided prayer brings together the global community of prayer and fasting of the WME, as well as many others to pray for our world and the aftermath of the coronavirus pandemic.


Real Faith – A real world podcast

Get involved in engaging interviews, discussions, and teaching on a variety of issues.

RFRW is available on most podcasts, YouTube and WME website.

Subscribe to your favorite podcast app.


September 16 – Virtual Summit on Evangelism of the Global Evangelical Network

The Virtual Connect Summit will allow evangelicals and those passionate about evangelism to connect with each other, hear exciting stories about the impact of the Gospel, and enjoy interacting with amazing leaders from around the world. CEO Kim Reisman joins as a presenter at the Virtual Connect Summit.

October 2021 – Romania
In Romania, issues of pluralistic culture, migration, digital technology growth and the pandemic are paramount. This seminar, Unity in the mission, will be a personal event, from October 25 to 29 in Sibiu, Romania. Participants from Romania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Poland, Macedonia and Albania are expected to participate.

We are working with a member of the Order of FLAME, the Rev. Cristian Istrate, to procure mission evangelists in the communities of Eastern Europe. Watch his invitation video.

We hope to see you in Sibiu. Click here to register:
Unity in the mission European Registration
Unity in the mission Registration based in the United States

October 2021 – Memphis, TN

FLAME-25th Anniversary Gathering Order
We are looking forward to the 25th anniversary of the reunion of the Order of FLAME. FLAME members will participate and collaborate with other FLAME members and leaders from the larger Wesleyan Methodist family.

January 2022 – Benin

An international seminar that includes a lecture on the theology and practice of evangelization, regional sharing, processing in small groups, and indigenous worship. Registration and more information follow.

Summer 2022 – Metanoia Europe

A gathering of young emerging leaders who love Jesus and are hungry to discover their next step on their path of faith. The first of several regional Metanoia gatherings around the world in the next few years. Responding to the ever-changing reality of the COVID-19 pandemic and global travel constraints, we are adapting arrangements to best suit the situation, while continuing to connect leaders and help them build a faith-sharing movement. Registration and more information follow.

August 2022 – Ecuador

World Methodist Evangelism works with partners around the world to provide lay people and the clergy with an opportunity to explore the nature and practice of evangelization in an intercultural setting. Registration and more information follow.

September 2022 – Spain

In cooperation with the church leadership and educational institutions in the area where the seminar will be held in order to provide strong training for all, lay leadership, as well as the clergy. Seminars are generally held in local languages ​​and focus on educating, providing resources, connecting and mobilizing indigenous people to carry out evangelization and missions in their local context. Registration and more information follow.

For specific information on any of these upcoming events,
contact us at [email protected]

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