“Spend more time learning and praying. This is the secret of successful evangelization. “- Billy Graham

There is much uncertainty in the world, but for those who trust in Jesus, the certainty that knowing God is in control provides comfort like no other. This belief is imperative today and many seek it.

That is why sharing Christ’s hope is so necessary. But as Billy Graham once said, telling others about Jesus first requires a solid foundation in God’s Word and a connected relationship with Him.

Through its online evangelism ministry, the Billy Graham Evangelical Society offers a number of free courses to help you develop your faith and improve your walk with Christ to be a light in dark times.

Here is a list of current courses offered. Find one that suits you and encourage a friend to do the same.

Know Jesus

This popular course teaches the basics of Christianity and is great for anyone who has recently decided to accept Jesus. Students are assigned a coach to help them along the way.

Know Jesus is an interactive course with five lessons that will each take about an hour. Some of the questions you will explore include “What does it mean to have faith in Jesus?” “Is there a guide to life?” and “How can I find real power to live God’s way?”

>> Enroll today and begin learning the key principles behind your newfound faith.

Explored Christianity

With so many misconceptions about the Christian faith, it is important to know the truth and know well what faith in Jesus Christ means for your life. Exploring Christianity answers some big, complex questions that many struggle with to help you better understand the heart of the Christian faith and the One who changed you forever: Jesus Christ.

This course lasts seven lessons, each taking about 45-60 minutes. You will be assigned a mentor to communicate with you one on one.

>> Sign up today to discover Jesus’ message and what He has done for you.

Signs of the Son

Jesus performed many miracles in his life, representing God’s power that the world sees. These signs and wonders have changed the lives of those who believed – and the same can be true for you today.

The signs of the Son will take you on a journey through the Bible to reflect on Christ’s miracles in Scripture. This free course includes eight video lessons that take you 45-60 minutes. You will be assigned a trained trainer to answer your questions.

>> Enroll in this life-changing course by exploring the miracles of Christ.

To live in Christ

Do you feel like God is distant or do you want to dive deeper into biblical truths to strengthen your relationship with Him? Living in Christ is a course that leads alone and can be helpful to both new and experienced Christians. You will study what it means to know Jesus, listen to him, and be a witness to others.

>> Enroll now to draw closer to God for a lasting relationship with the Savior.

Meet Jesus ASL (American Sign Language Version)

If you are deaf or hard of hearing and have recently decided to start a relationship with Christ, this free course will help you better understand what it means to follow him. There are a total of five lessons, each about an hour.

The deaf community remains one of the most elusive populations in the world. Strengthen your faith and allow God to use you for change.

>> Enroll in this ASL course designed specifically for your needs.

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