UMC leaders share important information for churches sponsored by reconnaissance troops

October 12, 2021

The United Methodist Churches, which sponsored the reconnaissance troops, can expect to receive a “disclosure statement” from the American Scouts (BSA) regarding the upcoming bankruptcy proceedings in the near future.. This post seeks to summarize for hired organizations how the proposed BSA reorganization plan will affect the legal rights of these organizations with respect to scout sexual abuse with which they could potentially be associated.

The BSA sends packets to all known authorized organizations. The package is expected to include an exclusion form relating to the options of the leased organizations. In addition, churches that have submitted “proof of claim” to the bankruptcy court within the specified deadline will also receive a ballot.

The United Methodist Ad Hoc Committee, which advocates for the interests of United Methodist in bankruptcy proceedings, has advised churches that receive a package you don’t have to take any action at this time and you don’t have to under any circumstances fill out the withdrawal form. More information will be provided to the United Methodist Churches in the next few weeks, well before the December 14 voting deadline. The ad hoc committee develops recommendations for local churches on how to complete the included ballot, and will also provide a summary of the most important aspects of the plan.

“Webinar sessions will be held for district overseers and church leaders to share additional information about voting, voting, and how the outcome could affect our communities,” said Bishop John Schol, chairman of the UMC management team created to support the denomination. into bankruptcy.

Recharge information

Although the Joint Methodist Ad Hoc Committee continues to mediate in the event of bankruptcy, the Committee and the BSA issued a joint statement stating how joint Methodist communities sponsoring scout programs should in the meantime proceed with the expiration of charters or contracts. use of facilities.

The committee previously recommended that churches either extend existing charters or use the facility use agreement until December 31, 2021. This recommendation was made to protect the interests of the united Methodist churches in the light of bankruptcy proceedings because they were not included in the initial settlement. In order to simplify the issue for authorized organizations and since the bankruptcy proceedings will extend beyond 31 December 2021, the BSA and the Committee agreed with the following statement:

U.S. Scouts and United Methodist management continue to work together to address issues related to the financial restructuring of the BSA and have agreed, in the best interests of young people involved in reconnaissance, to strongly recommend United Methodist charter organizations and scout councils. to extend the existing charter agreements and facilities for the use of facilities currently in force until 31 March 2022. No additional fees will be required from these charter organizations until 31 March 2022. This will pause the new charter, re-charter and use of facility use agreements with the United Methodist Churches. This automatic expansion will allow the Scouts of America, the leadership of United Methodists, and other parties to the bankruptcy proceedings to resolve important matters concerning authorized organizations, including a favorable exemption for authorized organizations for any lawsuit against abuse.

“This means that churches can now pause all recharging talks and use what is currently in place to continue these valuable scout services while working on a new charter for future use,” Bishop Schol said. “As we continue the negotiation process, please pray for the healing of the survivors. We also ask you to pray for those who are making efforts to achieve just settlements.”

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