The Men’s Commission elects Greg Arnold as CEO

The General Commission for UM Menhere has appointed Greg Arnold, a deployed member of the commission staff, to the post of Secretary-General.

Mr. Arnold, a 12-year-old Mississippi-based employee, succeeds Gil Hanke, who resigned in October. It will start working on November 1.

“The Search Committee chose Greg for the position of Secretary General because he is a true man of God,” said Dan Ramsey, chairman of the Search Committee. “He has the energy and strong desire to spread the good news of Christ to all people, young and old, all over the world.” Ramsey, a retired police officer from Houston who was president of the National Association of UM Men Conference Presidents from 2013 to 2016, said Arnold is particularly qualified for the position because of his extensive experience in the business world and the men’s ministry. “We are at a new beginning of leadership in the commission, and Greg is the right man to lead us forward into a new era in church life.”

In the business community, Arnold has founded and chaired health companies with more than 300 employees in multiple states. In addition, he has many years of experience in creating successful organizations and empowering leaders.

As a deployed member of the commission, Arnold developed resources and led workshops in each of the five U.S. jurisdictions. He also assisted at national gatherings and worked with the commission to create Strength for Service, Inc. “God has blessed my family with a successful society; it was a pleasure to serve in any way possible. ”

A graduate of the University of Alabama, Arnold also runs the Live Bold app for Christian men. A free resource and top app for Christian men with over 38,000 members and 100,000 downloads. The app reaches men in 160 countries with devotion, prayer support, small group resources, podcasts and support for trainers.

Arnold has also assisted other national organizations of men’s ministries in developing communication and social media strategies.

Arnold also has experience locally. At the age of 15, he helped found a reconnaissance troupe and attributes this experience to valuable leadership lessons and his success in adult careers. He was an active participant in the male ministry and a leading role in his local church, St. Paul UMC of Ocean Springs, Miss. It was in St. Paul UMC where he piloted a modern version of UM Men that eventually brought the adventure Model of Student Apprenticeship and the resource of the male service program approved by the commission.

“Whether a man officially belongs to a church or finds himself unchurched, out of church, or by faith curious — he seeks wholeness,” Arnold said. “Too many men struggle with worry, isolation and shame. Our mission is to help them develop their relationship with Christ, find their way back to Christ, or introduce them to Christ for the first time. ”

Arnold says equipping people to become faithful disciples of Jesus Christ will strengthen families, fathers, sons, husbands, brothers, grandparents, mentors and help heal our communities and encourage the church.

“We will do our part of the job, either through the men’s ministry or the scout ministry with valuable and efficient resources.”

Arnold says he wants to “serve the international and multicultural body of God’s children at different ages and stages of Christian maturity so that each person can find their identity in Christ.”

“Greg is a talented author, presenter and has a proven history in the work of the commission,” said Gil Hanke, the retired executive director of the commission. “He brings many new gifts to the service.”

Announcing the appointment, the Bishop of Mississippi, James E. Swanson Sr., chairman of the commission, said: “Greg Arnold’s natural ability to innovate improves the ability of the United Methodist Church to reach men and offers men the opportunity to grow into strong disciples of Jesus Christ who will change this the world. ”

Veteran communicator Rich Peck, a retired priest, a member of the annual conference in New York, writes for UM Men’s Commission.

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