The guy from Voices, the guy from CBN and the duck enter the bar… – SBC Voices

The Voices guy says, “Give me a chance to try the strongest things you have. We need a guy here who writes things, every word is his and under his own name and people blame the rest of us for it. Then he erases it all himself and people complain that we deleted it – the naive hit in both directions. “

A man from CBN, who sits as far away from the Voices type as he can, says: “You think you have a problem. Nobody likes our conspiracy movie. I watched it myself and now I’m depressed. “

Duck says: “I’m going to another bar. I don’t have any more friends. They all became Southern Baptists, just like you two, and now all they do is insult each other on Twitter. ”


I’m not looking for an award for original humor, but a sense of humor goes a long way in our Great Old Convention. You can’t invent things the way we see it.

May I offer a clear, positive view of a few things pertaining to our convention. If this makes you drink, stay okay and don’t blame me.

  • Our most important entity, the International Mission Committee, has been allowed to degrade financially to the point where we have lost over 1,100 foreign personnel. They represented thousands of years of mission experience. We are firmly on the road to recovery from that. IMB is healthy and adds hundreds of staff annually and receives record total mission offerings.
  • Our second most important entity, the North American Mission Committee, captured the enthusiasm and support of a new generation of church planters, while receiving relentless and exhausting criticism from a small cadre of disgruntled SBCs. NAMB offer is at a record level.
  • The six seminaries supported by the Cooperative Program are all conservative according to any reasonable definition of the term. They all have solid leaders, many of them the new generation of SBC leadership, and a healthy overall enrollment.
  • There is good evidence that at least for the next statistical report the baptism in the SBC will be higher than the previous year. It may or may not be a long-term trend, but it will be welcome news.

As Adrian might say, “I’m not mad at anyone but the devil.” I went to church today and enjoyed it. There is no style about SBC policy.

Long live brothers and sisters.


And while I could see that yesterday’s Dawg debacle is coming (we have a history of this), at least there’s a second chance. We won the last game with Michigan 15-7 in Ann Arbor when I was a teenager. There were spontaneous parades in Athens that day.

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