Statement by Presiding Bishop Michael Curry on the Death of General Colin Powell, Former Secretary of State – Episcopal Church

October 18, 2021

Public Relations Office

My heart is heavy today over the news of the death of Colin Powell, a former secretary of state, four-star general and lifelong bishop. I pray for his family and all of his many loved ones and thank him for his model of integrity, faithful service to our nation, and witness to the influence of a quiet, dignified faith in public life.

Powell also dedicated himself to retirement service. I remember having a happy breakfast with him a couple of years ago. He became energetic and passionate in his work with Colin Powell School of Civic and Global Leadership, which is part of his alma mater, The City College in New York City.

He cared deeply about people. He served his country and humanity nobly. He loved his family and his God unwaveringly. As Jesus says in the New Testament, “Bravo, good and faithful servant.”

May he rest in peace and be resurrected in glory.

The Honorable Michael Bruce Curry
Presiding Bishop and Primate
Episcopal Church

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