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Last night, Ronnie Floyd announced his resignation as president and CEO of the SBC Executive Board. You can read the Baptist Press article here. The article contains the full text of Floyd’s letter of resignation to EC commissioners and southern Baptists.

Floyd attributed his resignation to “decisions made Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 5, in response to the 2021 Convention,” which he said “now puts our missionary endeavor as Southern Baptists in uncertain, unknown, unseen, and unexplored waters.”

EC President Rolland Slade said of Floyd’s resignation: “I am saddened by his resignation. He has a tremendous ministry for years and years. I know he likes Southern Baptists. I know his intention was to come to Nashville to serve the Southern Baptists well and I believe he fulfilled that as much as he could. However, I understand that the committee vote put him in a very difficult position. ”

I appreciate Slade’s comments. No matter what you think of Ronnie Floyd or his leadership on the Executive Board, he did what he had to do. Dr. Floyd accurately presented his employment situation when he said, “I don’t have to make another decision.”

Ronnie Floyd clearly did not support the waiver of attorney’s client privileges for the Guidepost investigation under the convention’s instructions. Instead, he brought in powerful lawyers to oppose the waiver of privileges. When the EC rejected Floyd’s position and the lawyers he hired, they set him aside.

Dr. Floyd clearly does not believe that his position against the waiver of privileges was wrong. He stands by his leadership in this regard. Given this, he has no choice but to leave the Executive Board.

When you try to lead a church or organization in a certain direction with significant consequences, and the organization or church rejects that direction, you eventually have to leave. Your leadership is at stake. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve done something wrong. That’s part of the price of leadership. The best thing for the leader and for the organization is for the leader to move on. I have already experienced this in my own leadership.

I hope that this change will prove positive for the EC and the SBC. The EC has been in disarray for several years. I was hoping that Dr. Floyd derived from chaos. Unfortunately, the situation only got worse. The next president will have his / her job terminated. Let us pray for the wisdom of the EC Commissioners as they elect a search committee that will identify the next president and CEO of the SBC Executive Board.

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