[PHOTOS] Olympic stadiums where thousands came to Christ

[PHOTOS] Olympic stadiums where thousands came to Christ

Over the years, the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has held numerous events at former Olympic stadiums. As the 2022 Winter Olympics begin in Beijing, China, see how these great places set the stage for God’s presence to permeate the hearts of many.
While Billy Graham’s 1959 Melbourne Crusade was held in an indoor stadium, there were so many present that the event had to be moved twice to accommodate a crowded crowd. With tens of thousands of people continuing to show up night after night, the decision was made to hold the final event at Melbourne Cricket Ground, a huge open arena and former Olympic venue.
As part of a six-week tour of Switzerland and Germany in August and September 1960, Billy Graham preached at the La Pontaise Olympic Stadium in Lausanne, Switzerland. More than 800,000 people attended the Crusades in seven cities. >> In this short video, Billy Graham challenges you to be a dedicated Olympic athlete in your walk with Christ.
Described as a “miracle in Moscow”, Billy Graham held a historic crusade at Moscow’s closed Olympic Stadium during a two-week visit to the Russian capital in 1992. Last afternoon, 50,000 people filled the 35,000-seat hall and another 20,000 spectators outside the stadium despite cold temperatures. In total, more than 155,000 people attended the three-day event, and more than 42,000 dedicated themselves to Christ. >> Have you ever decided to follow Christ? Start a relationship with Him today.
In 2007, Franklin Graham held a three-day festival at the Olympic Stadium in Kiev, marking the biggest evangelical event in Ukraine. More than 124,000 people heard the Gospel message live during the three-day event, while over 100,000 others watched via satellite.
In May 2015, the two-day Festival de la Esperanza was held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, which was home to the 1992 Summer Olympics. Franklin Graham shared the good news with an average of nearly 14,000 people every night at the former Olympic arena.
The National Olympic Stadium of Cambodia was the site of the two-day Phnom Penh Love Festival with Franklin Graham, held from December 7 to 8, 2019. More than 23,000 people heard the preaching of the gospel message, and about 1,300 decisions were made for Christ.

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