Pastor Hispano de Charlotte, NC Second Placement Church in the hospital

El otoño pasado, Oscar Muñoz finally regressed to stay home for months in the hospital and a place in a rehabilitation center where he recovered from the need to work against the complications of COVID-19.

Only a week ago, just a host of the Day of Grace Action, a meeting place in the Church of Cristian Alpha and Omega in Charlotte, participating in reunions and ponies with the members, with a 12-liter oxygen tank.

Oscar Muñoz family

Muñoz plantó Alpha y Omega in 2014, said that a church with family assistance was served in Spanish. You are reuniting with a small group, “Sin que yo supiera lo que Dios iba a hacer en nosotros y con nosotros”, dijo.

“Why don’t we just comment on a new church here?” Conoció a William Ortega, estratega hispano de plantation of eggs for the bautists of Carolina del Norte, who helped to prepare for the plantation of a church. In August 2014, Alpha and Omega started to renovate the Bautista Woodlawn Church in Charlotte.

Este año, la iglesia Alpha y Omega se mudo a una nueva ubicación después de que el espacio para reuniones en Woodlawn quedó pequeño y necesitaran un lugar especial para el el ministerio de niños. Ahora estan commenzando una segunda planta en Woodlawn.

“Let’s say that everyone is helping, we can read the ancient church and comment on new people,” said Katherine Muñoz, Oscar’s wife.

The churchyard is not new to the Muñoz family. Oscar is originally from Chile and is close to his young family in Brazil at the age of 20. He planted a church in São Paulo.

“We don’t know what time it is, we are just trying to find our house,” said Oscar. “We reunite in small groups, there are people who recommend to come, and in three years we recommend the Primera Church of Bautista de Jardim Alzira Franco”.

Unos años más tarde, la familia se mudó a los Estados Unidos.

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“Todavía no sabíamos el propósito”, said Oscar. Vivieron en la ciudad de Nueva York durante ocho años y luego se sintieron atraídos por Carolina del Norte cuando assistieron a una boda en 2006. Se mudaron dos años después.

Devolviendo la esperanza

Munoz contrajo COVID-19 in February 2021. The doctors were given the induction of the drug on February 25. I opened my eyes to my two months, but I really wanted to be respected and I found myself confusing the queens with those people. En mayo lo sacaron de la unidad de cuidados intensivos y lo trasladaron a otro hospital. It was transferred to a rehabilitation center in September.

“I’m very proud of our gods, we’ve been watching our games,” said Oscar. “I was miserable with my family, I was born and I was born. When the doctor did not give me hope, I create with my life and with my testimony we speak of Jesus all within [del hospital]”.

Katherine wrote to a breathing therapist that she was in love with her father and father: “Always he has been talking about love, but he never created a dog because he didn’t see anything”.

“This year he was one of those who saw us,” said the therapist. “We have lost so much people. We don’t have positive results. Pero tu padre es un milagro, y yo lo vi. And this is our hope for following work ”.

From there, Oscar has recently started and recently commented on driving together. Your oxygen needs are also diminished.

If you are grateful to the minister in Alpha and Omega, you will not be able to, Oscar dijo, who will be present to consider the importance of disciplining the leaders and create them in their roles. The form in which the members dieron a paso adelante les dio a los pastores la opportunidad de ver la iglesia desde una perspectiva diferente.

The illiterate también reveló most of the characters of Dios.

“A thing you find out that attracts problems and lies with Jesus is completely different from what we are without,” he said.

“The bandits are great. God has shown us. … Dios se ha aferrado a mi trabajo. The food never fails in my house. Dios nos dio todo lo que necesitábamos y más ”.

He was delighted to create his nietos y estar en la boda de su hija in november.

Este marzo, Oscar bautizó a ocho persona en Alfa y Omega. Una vez que cresca la membresía en la segunda iglesia en Woodlawn, espera plantar una tercera iglesia.

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