Do you have a personal statement about the mission? Everyone seems to have it today. As “brave to go where no one has been before.” And we as Christians are no different – we should have a goal. This is not an uncontrolled walk through life’s paths. We are not tourists, we are pilgrims. Our race is clearly marked by God’s Word. In 2 Timothy four seven (4: 7), Paul tells us that he “fought … he finished the race … he kept the faith.” How ridiculous it would be for a runner to show up at a New York City marathon and decide he doesn’t like the track and head in the wrong direction. Can he win the race? Of course not. Paul’s goal was to complete the mission Christ gave him (the same mission he gave me and you). This wants to win people over to Jesus, build them up in the faith, and send them to do the same. For more information on how you can successfully complete, visit our website at share life dot today

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