New Jersey Bishop Chip Stokes announces retirement plans for 2023

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[Diocese of New Jersey] The Rt. The Rev. William H. “Chip” Stokes, the 12th Bishop of New Jersey, announced on September 2 his intention to retire in June 2023 and called for the election of his successor.

The Diocese of New Jersey has created a website with all the latest news and resources about the process. The Standing Committee has general oversight responsibility over the election process and works to retain a consultant who will advise committee members and the wider diocesan community.

Valaida Guerrero, a member of St. Andrew’s Church in New Providence and a commissioner of the diocese, will serve as chair of the Committee for the Search and Appointment of Bishops for the Election of the 13th Bishop.

Here are a few dates that have been set so far in the process:

September 26thEach assembly will meet to nominate six people to attend the special convocation. Congregations shall report the names of their representatives to the Dean of their convocation.

October 24 The convocations will hold a special meeting at which one clergy and one layman will be elected from among the representatives of the parish, who will be on the Committee for the Search and Appointment of Bishops.

June 24, 2023 – The diocese will consecrate the 13th bishop of New Jersey.

Additional network resources:

Home page for the election of the 13th bishop of the diocese

Letter from Bishop Stokes to the Diocese

Letter from the Standing Committee to the Diocese

9th Canon of the Diocese of New Jersey

Article XI on the election of bishops


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