Hopeful Thousands March in Washington, DC

Hopeful Thousands March in Washington, DC

Tens of thousands of women, men, students and children from across the United States bravely faced the awful weather to be part of the 49th Annual March for Life on Friday in Washington, DC >> Read more about the march.
Cissie Graham Lynch prayed at the rally before the march at the National Mall. Thousands bowed their heads to God as she prayed, “We ask forgiveness for the innocent blood shed. You are, God, the author and creator of all life. ”
In her prayer, Lynch referred to the unsolved case of the Supreme Court, Dobbs v. Jackson ‘s Women’s Health Organization, which could overturn the 1973 decision. Roe v. Wade deciding that abortion was legalized. “Lord, I pray for victory. This summer, the Supreme Court will overturn Roe. Lord, to be a nation standing before the world, to stand up for life. That we, the United States, see value in every life and that we stand for life. ”

Passionate advocates of life started the Avenue of the Constitution, ending on the steps of the Supreme Court of the USA.
19-year-old Lilah Hartman (not pictured) from the University of Liberty is one of about 400 students who came by bus from Lynchburg, Virginia. “I’m so passionate about protecting the unborn,” she said. “Life is so valuable and precious to God and that’s why it should be valuable and precious to us.”
All smiling and proud to march for life.
This year’s theme is “Equality begins in the womb.”
Katie Shaw has Down Syndrome and she spoke loud and clear while passionate students, moms, dads and others cheered her on. “I believe equality for you, me and everything started in the womb,” Shaw said. “The day of conception began when God gave us our soul. … “Many people don’t know that there is a waiting list for babies with Down Syndrome for adoption,” she said. “However, over 80 percent of babies with Down syndrome do not have the opportunity to be adopted. Terminated and their equality ceases.”
The original 1974 Grassroots March for Life was held for a year Roe v. Wade. Every year, the event is held on the Friday closest to this dark anniversary.
This group of students is one of many — as well as individuals and families walking the route.
Abortion was the leading cause of death in 2021, according to the Worldometer, with 42.6 million abortions performed last year. By comparison, 13 million people have died from infectious diseases; 8.2 million from cancer; 5 million from smoking; 2.5 million from alcohol and 1.7 million from HIV / AIDS.
The March for Life is the world’s largest annual pro-life event. Capital cities across the country will also host the March for Life 2022 events, including Connecticut, Virginia, California, Pennsylvania and Ohio. Will you pray for these?

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