HOLIDAY SAFETY TIPS – Fort Worth’s First United Methodist Church

Staff, members and branches of the First United Methodist Church,

Check out the holiday safety tips shared below by the Tarrant County community from our friendly Fort Worth Police Department. These tips will come in handy for many of us during this joyous season. Let us not forget to keep the faith and know that God is always present.

Be aware of others around you in close spaces.
Pockets do not need much time or space.

Use a light timer at home if you plan to travel as well
ask a trusted neighbor to pick up your mail and newspaper.

You should not stop and open your purse or wallet to donate.
Keep a few dollars in your pocket to be ready for donations.

Take care to dispose of large boxes of expensive items on the curb on Garbage Day.
Break your boxes; no one needs to know you have a new flat screen TV.

Many homes display their Christmas tree on the front window of the house.
Putting gifts under a tree can attract potential burglars to buy in your house.

Be sure to use a secure website when ordering items online.
If you think you won’t be home when your package arrives,
arrange for your packages to be picked up by a trusted neighbor.

Make plans for the most expensive and / or larger purchases before you buy
just before your shopping day is over. You don’t want to leave large objects inside
Your vehicle or risk being tracked down and robbed.

Keep the door locked and never leave objects visible in your vehicle.

I want you Everything, Safe and Happy Holidays!

Ron Hicks
Director of Security

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