Episcopal Ministries of Migration awarded large grants to support communities receiving Afghan refugees – Episcopal Church

The Episcopal Migration Ministries (EMM), the Episcopal Church’s Ministry of Refugee Resettlement and Migration, has received two large grants to support its intensive and ongoing work to assist in the resettlement of Afghan refugees and other asylum seekers.

EMM is one of 15 new grant recipients awarded a total of $ 1.2 million by the Community Sponsorship Hub and a coalition of private funders, and one of nine key resettlement agencies awarded a total of $ 2.5 million by the Welcome Fund.

“We are grateful to the Community Sponsorship Hub and the Welcome Fund for their generous contributions to assist in this vital humanitarian work,” said Kendall Martin, Senior Communications Manager for EMM. “Donations from these agencies, as well as the many individuals and churches that support the EMN, help us better serve incoming and asylum-seeking Afghans.”

The Grant Fund grant will go to support the housing of Afghans whom the EMM is helping to relocate. EMM works in public partnership with the U.S. government to assist with relocation and other direct services through a network of 11 branches across the United States

Funding from the Community Sponsorship Hub will support Neighbor to Neighbor, an EMM program that connects asylum seekers with an episcopal congregation or other religious group that serves as a community sponsor.

“More than 80 years ago, long before the United States established a formal refugee resettlement program, bishops, congregations, and dioceses welcomed those seeking security and protection,” said Allison Duvall, senior manager for church relations and engagement.

“The legal process for obtaining asylum is long and arduous, and while these neighbors of ours are waiting for a legal solution to their application for protection, they do not have access to public benefits and often wait months before obtaining work approval,” Duvall said. The bishops appear here to answer, answering the question at the end of Jesus’ parable about the Good Samaritan: ‘Which of these was a neighbor?’ Episcopalians show mercy and kindness by being neighbors to our brothers and sisters seeking asylum. ”

As the EMM continues to welcome and relocate Afghan allies to the United States through its branch network, the greatest need remains housing assistance. Financial donations directly support the provision of basic services and housing assistance to newly arrived Afghan allies and help the EMM expand its work in developing sponsorships for Afghan allies.

Those interested in helping with this need can make a donation online or send checks to: DFMS-Protestant Episcopal Church of the United States; PO Box 958983; St. Louis, MO 63195-8983. (Include Episcopal Ministries of Migration and Afghan Allies in the letter.)

Those interested in volunteering opportunities or community sponsorship to support our Afghan allies can fill out this form of interest. Information for Afghan nationals on resettlement efforts is available here.

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